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The Cardinal Strongman Challenge II
07.23.2011 - 07.23.2011


MAMMOTH Strength, Mistrongman and Fenton Strongman Club are taking awesome to yet another level this year. Fabrication has started on classic apparatus with a MAMMOTH Twist. Events scheduled are:

1. CAR SQUAT-Matched cars, 2 athletes at a time!
2. Circus DB Medley- How about a 4 part MAMMOTH Bell medley…Start by smashing the 8” Tinkerbell, move on to the 10” Wrecking Bell, attack the 12” Bell Grande, then if you have anything left, the 14” Erection (that’s what you’ll get when you see it) bell awaits you.
3. Yoke/Barrel Medley- Take a MAMMOTH yoke for a stroll and bring a sloshing 55 gallon plastic drum back, all while racing against your fellow man and the clock.
4. Possible tire flip or Vehicle pull- TBD
5. Stones- A perfect, dust-free five stone series will round out the day. We may stagger them or put them in front of the platform. It depends on how much awesome the athletes can handle.

Once finalized, entry will post on

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